Welcome to the Keim Bakery, owned and operated by Tony, Beth, and Brady Keim.

Each morning, we make our buns from scratch and our patties by hand, and we cut our fries from real potatoes. We offer a variety of different types of food, from American style burgers to homemade pies.

You’ll like what we do, so come visit us for breakfast or lunch today!

You can also download our menu and order from work or home and take it with you.

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Company History

The idea of Keim Bakery & Grill first came about around Thanksgiving 2009. Beth had just spoken with a local community memeber about the problem of only being able to purchase a grocery store pie for the Thanksgiving holiday. Always willing to bite off more than we should - we jumped at the idea of providing a place to give Ottawa some quality, tasty, affordable treats.

The plans to find a location and start planning a menu began around Christmas of 2009 and we purchased 304 S. Main in March of 2010. This location is the former home to Crown Drug Store, Rainey Drug, Rainey-Reynolds Drug Store, Reynolds Pharmacy and Allegre Pharmacy.

Demolition and construction started on March 4, 2010. It was a long and fun process that meant many many hot, sweaty, dusty days in the building. By September things were coming along so well that we were able to have a single-day opening for the Car Show.